Saturday, July 30, 2016

Finish line

There are few things in life that give a greater sense of accomplishment than finally finishing your novel. There is the problem that a novel may never truly be "done" but that aside, it's an overwhelming feeling of having done something great when you have a 70,000+ word document that has been summoned from thin air onto page.

My manuscript Double Trouble I have been working on since 2013. The first half of this manuscript was like chewing nails.  My son came into my life in 2014, so he's part of he reason for the slowed progress. The second half, started end of last year, came quick. Although I think you can always make time to write, a new baby is a special sort of change to daily life that questions commitment to any hobby.

There is critiquing to be done, then queries to be sent, and rejection to be had. Just taking a brief moment to pause and enjoy the accomplishment.

Then - onto the next.

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